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Long time y'all...

I'm wondering if anyone is still fairly active on LJ to see this, considering no one's posted in here in about three years, haha. I actually googled our old pal Manzini since I was bored and apparently he's still doing music...
I put the link since the album art is a little weird, lol. I actually found this off of a facebook profile from my google search, and it's claiming to be him...most of the pictures posted recently are fairly old and the account has very few friends, so I'm a little skeptical on how legitimate it is. If anyone wants to check it out, he's under the name Kris Manzini.

I'm baaaack... (:

Translated a bunch more articles and posted them. I just have three left of what I've found that I haven't put up yet, but I figure y'all will have enough fun with these. :)

List of them here.

A few articles...

I'm really sorry these are kinda late, but here they are! (:

Review of Den Vilde Side
Wiki entry
"Manzini Singing in the US" article
DVD and Record Deal article

Edit on 10 May 2009: If you don't want to add me as a friend to view these, check manzinifan_us . (:

Myspace anyone?

Not Manzini's, I mean. Anyone have any clue as to why he's not on it much anymore?

Anyways...I run my own little fan myspace for him. I've posted some translated articles and links to videos with the Danish songs (which took me awhile to run across). I have more articles that I haven't gotten to (darn school), but I want to get them done by the summer.


Hope to see you there, Manzini lovers. xD <3

0.0 Teach me...

We need to get this community running. ;)


First post :)

A little Manzini for everyone, I didn't know this was on Youtube.